how to

draw a pinball table and then play it.

[ [ example game ] ]


C : copy current image
V : paste current image
Z : undo
P : play
+/- : change brush
, / . : cycle color palette
shift+click : draw line

LEFT/RIGHT flippers
DOWN launcher
UP tilt
R restart


The levels are played in order, going to the next one when you hit an exit point, until you reach a blank level - this ends the game and plays a small animation.


F : go fullscreen

How to make an updateable table?

If you want to share a link to a table you've made, but still be able to update it (in case there are bugs you want to fix, or new levels you want to add), here's how you do that:

Now anytime you want to update it, just go back to the fork you made, make some changes, and the same game URL should be updated too!

source code

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